Why Is the AC Vent Dripping Water in Summer?

Is your AC vent dripping water in summer? If so, try not to ignore this problem. A leaky AC vent can create significant stress for your HVAC system.

Dripping water indicates several potential  issues with air conditioning units. Fortunately, you can relax after choosing the right solutions by hiring professionals to take care of the drip. 

Homeowners trust air conditioning companies to educate them on what to know about vent leaks. HVAC service in Niles by A Custom Services provides just that. Read on to see what these home specialists say about your dripping AC vent.


You can typically trace most leaky ventilation issues back to poor upkeep. You will likely encounter this and several other concerns if you don’t regular maintain your HVAC system. Always give home appliances the attention they need throughout the year.

Some more specific causes of dripping water include:

Excess Condensation

Expect minor condensation to form in and around your AC unit. However, water leaking or dripping indicates an atypical buildup. These problems can occur when something is wrong with the condensate line or pump.

A broken condensate pump will not allow water to drain from your HVAC systems. This could allow moisture to impact other internal components as well. 

You should check the condensate lines for clogs, debris, or mold that may create similar issues. Enlist a reliable service provider to remove excess condensation through maintenance. AC professionals will help you identify damage and recommend repair solutions. 


Duct leaks are serious problems that can cause damage to HVAC systems and the integrity of a home. Leaking may result from damaged refrigerant lines or clogged ventilation.

You want to find the source of the leak as soon as possible. Losing freon from your unit will cause the system to overwork to keep the air cool. You will spend more money monthly on energy expenses than you would with a properly functioning AC unit.

A leak can also confuse the air handler system and lower the life expectancy of your unit. Avoid leaks by tightening couplers, inspecting for rust, and replacing parts with pin holes or damage.

Air Filter Replacement

Dirty air filters block cool air from escaping the unit and build condensation. Eventually, this excess water will leak out onto your walls and floor.

Changing your air filter every three to six months is an easy way to prevent the AC vent dripping water in summer. Most homeowners wait too long to replace their filters, resulting in unnecessary damage and energy expenses. 


Try not to ignore dripping vents. This problem can create significant damage to your home. Most homeowners don’t realize how quickly water damage can impact their property through:

1. Water Stains and Decay

Water can stain your walls, floors, and furniture. Removing severe water stains from fabric and wood without replacement is incredibly challenging.

If the leak is severe, it can also weaken the integrity of your home. Ceilings and walls risk decay when you neglect a dripping vent. 

2. Mold

Moist environments encourage mold growth. Air ducts can easily collect spores and reduce the overall air quality of your home. Avoid mold by cleaning ducts regularly to prevent drips in your AC vents.

You can remove light mold with a warm cloth and non-corrosive cleaning products. However, this job can be unsafe depending on the presence of spores. It is always best to enlist an HVAC cleaning specialist for these tasks.

3. HVAC Service Life

Leaks and other damage can reduce the life expectancy of HVAC systems. For homeowners, that means spending more on replacing air conditioning parts. Reduce the stress you put on the system by regularly inspecting and maintaining your air ducts. 


Some homeowners do not have the time to keep up with regular HVAC maintenance and repair. Luckily, A Custom Services technicians do. We will thoroughly maintain your HVAC systems with care.

We help thousands of homeowners stay cool in the summer. Our superior materials allow your units to last longer, saving you money on repeated installations and repairs.

Our company practices transparent communication, so you know how to prevent damage in the future. Speak with us to learn what you can do when your furnace is leaking water and so much more.

We will help you resolve your AC vent dripping water in summer in no time. If you have any other HVAC issues, we’ll identify and fix those too.

Contact a representative at A Custom Heating and Air Conditioning in Chicago, IL. Our friendly staff will is happy to respond to your inquiries. Just dial (773) 207-7551 or use our website.

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