Why Is My AC Running But Not Cooling: Diagnosis and Solutions

Your air conditioner can keep your property at a comfortable temperature all year long in Chicago. Unfortunately, sometimes an AC unit stops functioning correctly. Malfunctions can feel frustrating if your unit continues to run but stops blowing cold air.

In this situation, you may ask, “Why is my AC running but not cooling?” Our team at A Custom Services can help you identify the cause of your issue and get your AC running properly again. Learn more about air conditioning services today by calling us at (773) 985-4732 .

Thermostat Issues That Impact Cooling

Sometimes, fixing an AC unit that won’t cool your home is as simple as checking your thermostat. Make sure you set the thermostat at the temperature you want, especially if the weather only recently got hotter. You may discover the problem if your system has the following settings selected:

  • Heat
  • Continuous fan
  • Stay off

Give your system a few minutes to adjust if you make any changes, and then check to see if you’re getting cool air. You may also check your thermostat’s batteries to make sure that the controls are receiving your commands.

Dirty Filters and AC Problems

If your air conditioner is running, but you have no cool air, your air filter could be at fault. Air filters help remove contaminants like dust, pollen, and pet dander from your AC system. However, these filters can become clogged, which may lead to an AC shut down. You can check your filter by:

  • Turning off your AC system
  • Removing the filter
  • Turning the system back on to see if it blows cold air

Does your system work without the filter installed? You may have solved the problem. In this situation, you can replace the dirty filter with a clean one, which should allow the system to function the right way while improving your air quality at the same time.

Handle Issues with Your Condenser

Your condenser unit plays a pivotal role in producing cool air for your property. You can find the condenser coil in your outdoor unit. The condenser fan draws air across the coils and extracts heat so you can stay comfortable, but the condenser coils can get clogged with substances like:

  • Grass
  • Airborne particles
  • Dirt

You can turn off the system and clean the coil to resolve these issues. You may even use a brush attachment to vacuum the coil. Turn your system back on once the cleaning is complete to find out if your AC unit produces cold air once more.

Your Evaporator Coil and Cold Air

Have you tried the previous solutions and still find yourself wondering, “Why is my AC running but not cooling?” If so, it might be time for you to access your evaporator coil. The evaporator coil draws thermal energy from warm air, returning cooler air to your home.

A frozen evaporator coil cannot cool your home, which can cause significant problems, especially in the summer. You can identify a frozen coil if you notice:

  • Frost on the copper tubing leading to the coil
  • Excessive condensate runoff near the coil
  • Rising energy costs for your AC system

You can reach out to an HVAC professional if you believe you have a frozen evaporator coil. A technician can assess the reasons for the frozen coil and take steps to get your AC unit functioning once more.

Cooling Systems and Leaking Refrigerant

Many cooling systems use refrigerants to maintain cool temperatures in your home. The refrigerant begins as a liquid but changes to a gas as it moves through your cooling system. Sometimes, AC units develop refrigerant leaks, which allow this chemical to escape.

Leaks in the refrigerant system can stop your AC unit from blowing cool air. A minor leak may only cause your AC unit to work ineffectively, running for longer to maintain an acceptable temperature inside your property.

Continuing to run an AC system that has a refrigerant leak can cause additional problems with the system. You may end up with a damaged compressor or even a shutdown that impacts the entire system. You can prevent these issues by contacting an AC repair professional at the first sign of trouble.

An AC repair technician can check your refrigerant levels and top up the system, repairing any leaks causing the refrigerant to escape.

Issues with Temperature and Duct Leaks

Many homes here in Chicago use an HVAC system for cooling. HVAC units blow cool air through ducts inside the walls of your home. Sometimes, these ducts develop leaks, perhaps because technicians installed them improperly.

Leaky ducts allow cold air to escape from the HVAC system, which means the air may not reach your rooms. Your system may still produce cold air, but it simply cannot push the air to where you need it.

It can prove difficult to locate duct leaks on your own. An HVAC technician can assess your system for you, looking for loose seals or damaged ducts. Professionals can then repair these issues, improving the function of your AC unit and providing you with cool air.

Air Conditioning Repair Services in Chicago

Why is my AC running but not cooling? For many homeowners, this represents the most frustrating problem during the summer months. Our team at A Custom Services can help you find an answer to this question quickly and easily.

We can review all possible causes for AC unit malfunctions in Chicago, including issues with your condenser coil, evaporator coil, or refrigerant levels. We understand HVAC systems and can assess your home to determine if you’re dealing with any leaks.

We provide air conditioning repair in Chicago, IL , and always focus on getting your system up and running again quickly. You can also contact us to set up a maintenance appointment for your AC unit. Taking preventative measures can keep your AC unit operating without an issue throughout the worst of the summer months. Find out more by calling us at (773) 985-4732 .

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