Why Does My Heating System Make a Banging Noise?

You rely on your heating system to keep your property at a comfortable temperature throughout the cooler months. You may get used to the normal sounds the system makes, which can cause concern if it starts making loud banging noises. In this situation, you may wonder, “Why does my heating system make a banging noise?”

Generally, heating systems may make strange noises if they experience an operational problem. Our team at A Custom Services can help you identify and resolve these heating issues. You can learn more about heating services by calling us at (773) 985-4732 .

Furnace Burners Can Cause Banging Noises

Your furnace burner plays a role in igniting your furnace, allowing the heat exchanger to function properly. Sometimes, the furnace burners can become dirty, resulting in ignition delays and small explosions.

A dirty furnace burner represents a serious and potentially dangerous problem. For this reason, we recommend that you contact HVAC technicians if you hear this banging or popping sound after turning off your heating system.

Banging Caused by Steam Heat and Radiators

Sometimes, banging sounds come from less serious sources. You may notice loud and continuous banging if you have steam heat provided by radiators. We commonly see this kind of heating system in older houses.

Banging in radiators usually has one of two causes. It may result from air bubbles trapped in your pipes, or it can also happen if your pipes expand and contract as they heat up and cool down again. A technician can help with trapped air and pipe movements, allowing you to get rid of this banging or knocking sound.

Handling Trapped Air on Your Own

In some situations, you can clear up banging caused by air trapped in your pipes without calling a professional. Make sure you turn your system off before attempting this fix, which HVAC professionals call “bleeding.”

After you turn your system off, you can find a small valve beneath your radiator end cap. Once you locate this valve, you can complete the bleeding process by taking these steps:

  • Turn the valve counterclockwise
  • Allow air to exit the pipe until you see water trickling out
  • Close the valve to prevent more water from escaping the pipe

You can take the above steps with each radiator in your house. After you bleed each radiator, you can turn the system back on. You may want to contact a professional if the banging continues after you have bled each radiator on your property.

Banging Sounds and Boiler Kettling

Do you live in an area with hard water? If so, the banging noises you hear could come from boiler kettling. Limescale from your water can accumulate in the heat exchanger in the boiler. The accumulation of buildup can limit the movement of water, which causes the heat exchanger’s temperature to rise too much.

You may hear loud banging sounds when the pipes expand due to the kettling process. Companies that offer heating services may provide you with a solution to this issue. Generally, technicians focus on removing the limescale, which allows the water to move freely through the system once more.

Clogged Air Filters and Banging Noises

Are you asking yourself, “Why does my heating system make a banging noise?” The answer may prove as simple as an issue with your air filter. The banging can occur if the filter gets either dirty or fully clogged.

In this situation, the dirty filter prevents air from leaving the furnace correctly, leading to a backup. When the backed-up furnace shuts off, it expands and causes a loud banging noise. You should only hear this kind of banging when your furnace shuts off.

Ductwork Issues and Banging in Your Home

Does your heating system use ductwork? Most modern HVAC systems have a series of ducts that move through the walls of your home, delivering heated air into each room or level of the building. Manufacturers typically use metal to construct these ducts, and the metal can expand or contract as it is heated or cooled.

Generally, homeowners hear banging sounds when the metal ductwork expands. Expansion and contractions of your ducts generally don’t represent a significant cause for concern, but the sound can get annoying. You may mitigate the effects by:

  • Using round ducts instead of rectangular ones
  • Replacing thin vents with thicker ones
  • Checking the vents for loose joints or gaps

Sometimes, loose sections of ductwork can result in louder banging sounds. You can tighten up areas of the ductwork if you have the proper tools. You may even use duct tape to seal spaces around the edge of a duct, potentially reducing the noise.

Banging Noises and Your Furnace Fan

Finally, you may notice a banging noise coming from your outdoor furnace unit. Often, this noise occurs due to a misaligned blower fan. Misalignment can cause the fan blades to strike against the sides of the unit.

We also hear banging from furnaces if a fan belt splits or cracks, causing it to knock into other parts of the furnace. You can often see this kind of damage if you turn off your furnace and look down inside the unit. You may get professional help to repair either a damaged fan or a fan belt.

Review Our Heating Services

You can get professional help if your heating system starts making a banging noise here in Chicago. Our technicians at A Custom Services can handle furnace repair to ensure your heating system functions properly. We can visit your property to answer the question, “Why does my heating system make a banging noise?”

We also offer maintenance services for heating systems in and around Chicago. Regular maintenance can keep your heater operating quietly, so you don’t have to call us later for repairs. We can even take care of heating installation in Chicago.

You can replace an old, noisy heating system with a quiet and efficient system when you reach out to us at (773) 985-4732 .

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