What to Do If Water Is Leaking from Furnace

We all rely on the heating systems in our homes, especially when winter arrives. It can be concerning to observe water leaking from your furnace. So, even if you’re not seeing any leaking, it’s best to be prepared if the situation arises.

Heating systems are complex devices that play a vital role in keeping your home comfortable throughout the cold season. However, the maintenance approach depends on the type of furnace in your home. Additionally, these systems utilize high heat and significant power, so it’s always best to leave furnace repair to the professionals.

Read on to learn about the problems can cause water leakage in your furnace. You’ll also discover what you can do about a furnace leak if it happens to you.

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It’s best to always have your system inspected by a professional when facing heating issues. However, you can take some immediate actions if you notice water leaking from your furnace. These easy measures help minimize the problem and prevent a leak from getting worse.

Shut It Down

Whenever you notice a problem with your heater or air conditioner, you should first turn the system off. Any leaks or noises coming from your unit can signal a serious issue. So, continuing to operate the system when it’s malfunctioning can worsen the issue.

Furthermore, if water builds up enough to leak out of the furnace, the system’s water pressure may be at fault. Leaving the system on can increase this pressure, causing damaged or worn components to fail.

Continuing to run the system also risks electronic damage. If water reaches any electronic components within your heating system, it can cause a short circuit. Electrical problems can be challenging to fix and even increase fire risk, so always leave your system off until repaired.

Dry the Area

Brief exposure to water shouldn’t damage anything in your home besides electronics. However, water will eventually damage almost any material if left unaddressed. If water from your furnace leaks onto the floors or surfaces surrounding it, you must clean up the water quickly.

Hardwood floors are vulnerable to water damage as water can seep into the wood, causing it to expand and rot. Carpets are not immune to water’s effects, either. Carpet that has been left wet for too long will develop a mold or mildew smell that is hard to eliminate.

As long as the leak from your heater isn’t extreme, taking care of it shouldn’t be too challenging. First, dry the area thoroughly. Then, consider leaving towels or other absorbent materials near the leak site until you complete repairs.

By using these precautions, you should be able to protect yourself from any severe water damage effectively.

Check Your Filters

The air filters in your heating system have a considerable job to do. They’re responsible for cleaning dust and pollutants from the air your system draws. At the same time, they let in enough air to maintain consistent pressure. This material can build up on the filter over time because of the sheer amount of air that runs through your home daily.

When your air filters become dirty, air resistance dramatically increases. Increased air resistance makes it more difficult for the unit to force air throughout your home. Higher resistance decreases your system’s efficiency and can lead to additional problems like water leaks.

The professionals at A Custom Services would be happy to replace the air filters in your system as part of your regular heating system maintenance. However, changing your filters is a simple enough task to handle yourself.


Many of the issues that cause water leaks in your furnace require professional attention. However, it can still be helpful to know what the problem may be. So, the following sections will cover some common causes of water leaking from your furnace.

Clogged Condensation Lines

Your condensation lines carry water that collects in your heating system and bring it to the floor drain. This water comes from cooling gasses within the system and can sometimes build up in large quantities. If a clog occurs in this system, water pressure can build within the condensation line, forcing the water to find other ways to escape.

Leaky Humidifier

Humidifiers add water to the air heated by your system, preventing it from becoming too dry even when you set the heater to a high temperature. Because this component requires water to function, a humidifier is always a potential culprit when leaks occur. Humidifiers are complicated machines, so call a professional anytime you suspect there may be an issue with yours.

Faulty Condensation Pump

Specific types of furnaces contain a component called a condensation pump, though a standard efficiency furnace does have one. These components are a vital piece of condensate furnaces, moving water throughout the system. When this part has damage, water can pool in the system and create leaks.

Get the Job Done Right

While we all try to handle repairs around the house as much as possible, certain appliances truly require a professional touch. A standard efficiency furnace has delicate machinery and gives off extreme heat. Therefore, it’s always safer to call a trusted heating and air conditioning professional.

If you’ve noticed water leaking from your furnace in the Oak Park area, you can count on A Custom Services. A Custom Services is an experienced heating and cooling system repair company. We have a team of skilled contractors ready to solve any problem you face from leaky furnaces to maintaining hot water heating systems.

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