Six Tips in Installing a New HVAC System

A new HVAC system will significantly enhance your indoor air quality, whether at home or the office. Unfortunately, knowing which installation to choose can be challenging for a new buyer. In addition, most brands include energy efficiency ratings, system dimensions, and other factors that make the decision harder.

Quality technicians provide reliable HVAC services in Niles, IL, to help you unpack your installation questions. Here are some tips to consider when shopping for your next HVAC system.

1. Ask Yourself Why You Need a New System

People invest in a new HVAC system for various reasons. However, these considerations are essential for choosing the right brand and model for your property. Ask yourself crucial questions like:

  • Am I building a new property that needs an extensive HVAC installation?
  • Do I want to replace a faulty or old model?
  • Do I need a different size model for my property?
  • Am I interested in saving more money on energy?
  • Do I want to upgrade my system with smart features?
  • Does each room need individual temperature control?

You can find the right system for all of these concerns. Many HVAC brands market their products for increased efficiency, innovative technology, and more. Browse online or partner with an industry professional to see what they recommend.

2. Choose the Right Type of Installation

The two most common central air models include split systems and packaged systems. Choose a model that suits your property to get the best air circulation. 

Split systems are typically cost-efficient for most homeowners. These consist of an outdoor condensing unit and an indoor air handler. 

A packaged system centralizes all the HVAC components into a roof unit. It will then cool the air through a network of ducts.

3. Pick the Right Size for Your Property

Many homeowners make the mistake of buying too large of an HVAC system for their home. These inefficient units could cost them hundreds of dollars a month in unnecessary energy costs. 

You don’t need the largest machine on the market to heat your home sufficiently, and determining the right size for your property is challenging without help. Speak with an HVAC company for a reliable load calculation.

These measurements help you find a size that will give you the most efficiency for what you pay.

4. Decide on the Right Energy Efficiency Rating

Most brands will list their products’ energy efficiency rating (EER). These measurements help you determine the total cooling capacity of the unit. Reduce your carbon footprint and save money by investing in an optimal EER for your home. 

Explore seasonal energy efficiency rating (SEER) options as well. These calculations track the efficiency of the system over several months.

SEER is most beneficial if you live in a moderate climate, while EER is better for locations where 90 degrees weather is typical. 

5. Prepare for a Proper Installation

Be sure to install a new HVAC system in the proper location of your home. Avoid placing objects or vegetation around the fan when installing an outdoor unit, as obstructions cause the system to stress and potentially wear down.

The same rules apply indoors. Keep furniture and other debris away from vents and appliances for the best air quality.

6. Recruit a Professional

Hiring a professional HVAC technician saves you money on replacement costs and eliminates hassle. You won’t need to question whether your new unit is operating at maximum performance. These experienced crews have the tools to measure and monitor your systems quickly and accurately.

Professionals can also help while you shop for the right solution. They will recommend systems that work best for your home or business property. This way, you avoid returns or unnecessary energy expenses. 


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