HVAC Air Balancing: How to Keep Temperatures Consistent Throughout Your Home

A common complaint that many Chicago homeowners have about their heating and cooling systems revolves around the idea that the warm or cool air doesn’t equally travel to each room of their home. Your living room may be frigid, while your bedroom is muggy. 

HVAC air balancing may be the answer you’ve been seeking. 

A Custom Services, Inc. is a full-service air balancing HVAC contractor serving the Chicago community. With decades of experience in HVAC balancing, our team will balance the temperature of each room in your home. We are experts in the HVAC field and can answer any question about heating and AC units. 

Call us today to schedule an air balancing consultation in Chicago, IL, and surrounding areas. 

What is Air Balancing?  

Air balancing is the HVAC process of ensuring your air distribution system evenly reaches every part of your home. Contractors will run many tests to determine the cause of the problem and which areas of your house need more warm or cool air. A lot of commercial buildings use air balancing during construction to get ahead of any future problems. 

However, air balancing is just as effective in smaller homes. After running tests on your home, HVAC contractors will adjust your air conditioner or heater for better efficiency. They will create a virtual map that illustrates the problems you’re facing and show you the fixes they will make to your HVAC unit. 

Air Balancing Benefits 

Air balancing your HVAC system comes with several benefits. The most obvious is that you will enjoy improved indoor air quality, balanced airflow, and increased energy efficiency in your home. 

HVAC professionals can discover critical problems with your heating or cooling system. For instance, you may have damaged air ducts. When this is the case, you are losing air and wasting energy. Our expert team provides repair services that will rectify the situation. 

During the air balancing process, you may also find out that you have a blockage in your ventilation system. Blockages also waste energy, costing you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on your energy bill. 

Air balancing is like taking an X-ray of your home. You’ll be able to detect critical issues before they further damage the quality of your home.

Solving Air Balancing Issues 

We find most air balancing issues are easy to solve. Sometimes, changing the fan speed settings fixes the problem. Most contractors recommend that you use balancing dampers in your vents. 

These dampers direct the air from your HVAC unit into specific areas of your home. 

If we determine that you have a problem with your ducts, we will discuss a plan of action to move forward. 

When ductwork is too long, we may need to make in-depth corrections that could take time. We’ll reconfigure your HVAC setup, allowing for better airflow distribution. 

Contact Us  

Whatever your HVAC balancing problem is, the expert team at A Custom Services, Inc. can find a solution. We have decades of experience working with air duct systems in Chicago and its surrounding areas. Our team utilizes modern technology and works with the best HVAC brands to ensure the comfortability of your home. 

If you’re looking for HVAC balancing in Chicago, contact our team today. Call us at (773) 280-5382. Our team will walk you through our process and set up an in-house visit to diagnose your air balancing problem! 

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