How Long Does It Take To Install a Furnace?

Many home and business owners adjust their HVAC systems depending on what works best for them. However, you may not know how long it takes to install a furnace.

heating installation by A Custom Services Inc. usually takes a few hours, though it depends on several factors. Read more to learn how each type of furnace and home conditions may alter installation times.

How Long It Takes To Install a Furnace

Generally, most residential homes require four to eight hours for a proper installation. This length of time may vary depending on several property conditions, but it generally stays within this range.

Note, however, that your installers may need additional installation time depending on the type of furnace. For example, a gas furnace requires updated gas lines without leaks. Meanwhile, an electric furnace needs connections to heat the coils in the air handler.

Ensuring the stability of these installations takes time since slight miscalculations can lead to a host of problems. For time well spent, you need an attentive installer who leaves no potential questions unanswered.

Things To Consider Before Installation

Your contractor should take the time to process the needs of your home. From the day of the in-home estimate, an expert evaluates everything from property square footage to insulation thickness. Unfortunately, many companies fall short in this regard, leading you to cover further costs down the line.

Detailed home measurements ensure the contractor installs the right-sized furnace. A furnace that is too small for the home will either constantly run to reach a temperature it cannot attain or break down from overworking the system. One that is too large for the property can cause air pressure buildup and leaks in the ductwork.

Also, your contractor should consider how the furnace interacts with pre-existing wiring or pipework in your home. Any new-age devices or connections likely need add-ons, and without a thorough evaluation, it could extend the installation time. You could also end up with piping and wiring that breaks down or malfunctions too quickly.

Lastly, they should inspect the current ductwork to see whether you need any new duct pathways. Ducts that are too small can become noisy or overpressured. Those that are too large cannot heat the rooms well.

A correctly sized furnace with proper ductwork should save you time and money while comfortably heating the rooms in your home. You can only get this level of quality with well-done measurements. Estimates from a contractor who does not measure your home or review the ductwork require a second opinion. 

The Installation in Action

Cleanliness and concise information can prevent installation issues once they begin construction. While the installers should be precise with each other, they should also be open with you. They should ensure they answer your questions before they start working.

You can clear up any misunderstandings before they begin, like if you want an oil furnace instead of a gas one. They should also reexplain how long they expect the process to take and the cost. Feel free to ask for more information even after they start.

When contractors install a furnace, it usually takes a while between:

  • Dismantling old HVAC systems
  • Cleaning areas before new installations
  • Installing new ductwork and vents
  • Determining the right-sized furnace
  • Installing the new furnace
  • Connecting it to the necessary construction work
  • Cleaning up after the installation

Once the contractors finish, they should always ensure you understand the functions of your new system after ensuring it works. Failure to do so can confuse you about the furnace you have already spent hundreds to thousands to install. Always ensure you understand your heating system and hold your contractors accountable.

After Installation

Once they install your furnace, follow up with them if you have any questions. For example, contact them immediately if a room does not heat up. Also, let them know if you are confused about how your furnace works.

Before they leave, we recommend discussing a maintenance regime with the contractors if you like their service. Most furnaces should last between 15 to 20 years with proper care, saving you money. An established furnace care plan can help it run its entire lifespan.


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