Help! Why Is My Air Conditioner Blowing Mist?

“Why is my air conditioner blowing mist?” you may ask yourself whenever you power on the unit. The presence of white vapor or cold mist from your air conditioner indicates several problems. So, what can you do to stop it?

Fortunately, the solutions aren’t too complex. AC service contractors in Wilmette help explain this phenomenon and what you can do to prevent it.


An air conditioning system has several components that must function adequately to get proper airflow in the house. You may have a faulty system if you encounter unusual sounds and smells. You may also notice the unit is having problems cooling the home. 

The best way to repair an HVAC system is by hiring a qualified professional. However, you can still identify various problems by understanding the unit.


Air conditioning units use refrigerants to cool the home. An HVAC system will circulate cool air by converting gas into a liquid, creating condensation. Water droplets from the air conditioning unit are generally acceptable, but excessive misting is a concern.

Check the refrigerant for leaks or other problems if your air conditioner system projects vapor or mist. An abundance of water in or around the unit indicates stress on the system. An overworked system could cost you more in monthly energy bills.

Air Filters

Change air filters in the unit every three to six months for the best air quality. These devices prevent dirt and other unwanted elements from circulating throughout the home. Unfortunately, they can clog if you neglect proper upkeep. 

Vapors and mist may result from an old or dirty filter blocking airflow. Condensation can form if the air hits the device and cannot circulate. Never let this problem go unaddressed because it can be a significant fire hazard when switching to warm air.

Air Conditioner Vents

Check air vents for obstructions. Dirt, debris, and mold cause HVAC units to work harder than they should. Manufacturers build these machines to last, but they will not function correctly under significant pressure.

Get the most out of your system by keeping the unit and the air conditioner vents clean.


If you ask, “Why is my air conditioner blowing mist?” it may be due to poor circuitry.

A power surge or faulty wiring can cause the air conditioning unit to suffer mishaps. An HVAC professional may be able to resolve this problem; however, fried circuitry will likely require a total system replacement. 

If you suspect that vapors are due to electronics, shut off the system immediately, and contact a professional. These problems could create electrical hazards.


Now that you understand the essential functions of an air conditioning unit, you can explore the simple ways to reduce mist. Most of these methods depend on operating your system at its recommended settings:

  • Regularly change filters.
  • Keep your air conditioner set to a reasonable temperature.
  • Invest in the proper size and installation model for your building.
  • Try variable speed AC units to adjust the motor.
  • Regularly inspect for damage or debris. 


Hiring professional HVAC technicians is the safest bet for repairing or replacing a unit. Additionally, you will save time and money investing in these services. Most industry experts recommend calling technicians at the first signs of trouble.

Unfortunately, many homeowners wait too long or practice shoddy DIY methods that worsen their air conditioning woes. An HVAC professional will identify the problem quickly and apply the right solutions. 

Never let misting or vapors reduce your home’s air quality. Doing so can lead to sickness, discomfort, and foul odors. A technician will help you better understand the causes of your HVAC problems and how to prevent them.


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