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As winter envelops Skokie, IL, the reliability of your furnace is essential. A Custom Services is your trusted ally for all furnace repairs in Skokie, IL. We ensure your heating system delivers consistent warmth and peace of mind throughout the colder months. Explore our comprehensive services and find out why we’re the preferred furnace repair company in Skokie. Contact us today.

Jay Mahlendorf
Jay Mahlendorf
Working with A Custom Services Inc, including the engineer Steve S. and Michael in their business office, was all positive and I will happily work with them again. They understood, made helpful recommendations, communicated proactively, and they followed through as they said they would. It was a stress free experience and good value for the work.
Wendy Campnell
Wendy Campnell
Steve went above and beyond answering my questions and explaining how things worked. I really appreciated his expertise and patience.
Bill Harris
Bill Harris
Alfredo and Tom replaced our furnace and did a Fantastic Job. They were professional, courteous and very informative. They were considerate of the delivery, prepping the area to keep it clean and worked efficiently and very quickly. Alfredo is a master HVAC professional and did a great job! Tom was fantastic on the installation as well as keeping my wife and I informed of the new aspects of the furnace and thermostat. Previous to the replacement Steve responded very quickly for the no heat call and was very professional to diagnose the problem and provide multiple solutions. Steve did an excellent job with the solution write up, planning for the hardware readiness and ensured that our project was completed the next day. Michael in the main office performed all the managerial interaction very well, answered all our questions and took care of the paperwork and invoicing in a very professional manner. Highest grades for this team and I will recommend them to all our friends.
Shauna Daou
Shauna Daou
A Custom Service was amazing throughout our experience with them. When I contacted them, Michael called me back promptly and helped me in scheduling an appointment. He also called a day before the appointment as a friendly reminder and to confirm that the appointment still worked for us. Alfredo was the technician who came to our house. He was on time and walked us through everything he was checking. He also answered all of our questions and even answered some questions my neighbor had about his system! He was very thorough, knowledgeable, and professional. After the service, Michael reached out again to make sure everything worked well. We used A Custom Service to do routine maintenance on our radiant heating system, and moving forward we will be using them to address all of our HVAC needs! Job well done.
Alvaro Santana
Alvaro Santana
Contacted A Custom Service to get some work done on my boiler. Response was quick, Michael was able to help me set an appointment up and was very attentive to our communications. Alfredo, our technician, was knowledgeable with boiler systems and was able to answer my questions. Found out that a circulation pump needed to be changed and he had the part in his truck so there was no delay in getting us up and running. A Custom Services will be our go to heating service from now on.
Brennan Williams
Brennan Williams
Great crew all around, owners, office, technicians. What I most appreciate is that everyone I dealt with was polite and professional. Secondly, they are trying to solve your HVAC issues, not charge you for things you don’t need. Highly recommend.
Natalie Rodriguez
Natalie Rodriguez
Always thorough and honest.
Tim Oryhon
Tim Oryhon
Michael was very responsive with initially setting up the service technician appointment. Alfredo was very helpful and a wealth of information. Our experience with everyone at A Custom was superb.

Comprehensive Furnace Repair Solutions

During the unforgiving Skokie winters, having a reliable furnace is a must. That’s why A Custom Services offers a wide array of furnace repair services, from vital maintenance to complex repairs. 

Our skilled technicians ensure your furnace performs efficiently, conducting thorough maintenance and safety inspections to prolong the life of your heating system and avert unexpected breakdowns.

Recognizing the uniqueness of each home and heating system, we specialize in crafting personalized repair strategies. By conducting a detailed assessment of your situation, we develop targeted solutions that ensure your furnace meets the demands of the Skokie winter.

Commitment to Warmth and Safety in Skokie Homes and Businesses

Ensuring your home remains a haven of warmth and safety throughout Skokie’s biting winters is our top priority at A Custom Services. Recognizing the unique challenges posed by the local climate, we ensure that every furnace we service not only runs with impeccable efficiency but also complies with the highest safety standards. Our technicians follow strict safety protocols while performing furnace repairs in Skokie, IL. Safety is our number one priority.  

Moreover, our commitment extends beyond the immediate furnace repairs in Skokie, IL. Much of our mission involves empowering you with the knowledge needed to maintain your furnace. 

We offer comprehensive advice on regular maintenance, the importance of timely filter changes, and the identification of red flags in your furnace’s operation. 

Adding to this, we believe that an informed client is a safe one. That’s why we go the extra mile in providing detailed explanations for the work we do and any recommendations we make. This transparency builds trust and gives you the confidence in knowing that your furnace is being cared for by professionals who genuinely have your best interest at heart.

Ensuring Optimal Furnace Performance

Facing furnace issues during the cold months significantly disrupts your comfort. That’s why A Custom Services offers unparalleled furnace repairs in Skokie, IL. As a top furnace repair contractor, we address and rectify any heating challenges with professionalism.

Our team boasts the skills and technology to diagnose and fix any furnace problem, from common malfunctions to complex system failures. We prioritize not just the repair itself but also the overall efficiency and longevity of your furnace. This approach helps prevent future issues, making your heating system more reliable and cost-effective in the long run.

Furthermore, we understand the importance of a prompt response. That’s why our furnace repairs in Skokie, IL, minimize downtime and ensure that your furnace is back to providing warmth quickly. Trust A Custom Services to keep your Skokie home or business cozy and warm, even in the depths of winter.

Get Your Furnace Repaired Today

If your heating system falters, there’s no need to sit in the cold. A Custom Services is your go-to for dependable furnace repairs in Skokie, IL. Contact us now to book your repair.


Annually, being a gas appliance with high consumption of fuel, it should be tested annually for gas leaks, carbon monoxide and performance as well as cleaning the motors, burners, heat exchangers and check all parts and functions.

The best time is mid August to mid November also February and March when we are typically slower and can avoid the winter and summer rush.

Industry standards for duct cleaning recommends cleaning your ducts every 5 years, depending on the home. If you have pets that shed then they need to be cleaned more often, 1-2 years.

It would be very difficult to clean your furnace yourself without proper training, equipment and expertise. Usually Chicago homeowners miss the crucial parts of the cleaning and tuning process.

Most home inspectors recommend every 14 years. Some land lords and homeowners who do no annual maintenance, or they don’t change filters monthly, we are seeing them needing a new furnace every 5-7 years (Changing filters monthly and having annual inspections are important).