Differentiating the Types of HVAC Systems

When shopping for a new HVAC system, you’ll want a unit that won’t abandon you when you need it most. However, not all types of HVAC systems are the same, and what works for one residence may not suit another due to different heating and cooling needs and the unit’s efficiency and cost. The HVAC experts here at A Customer Services put together this guide to the different types of HVAC systems to help you determine which one is right for your home.


Split systems are common types of HVAC among spacious homes. These systems consist of two units:

  • An outdoor cooling unit with a blower fan, refrigerant, coils, and compressors
  • An indoor heating unit with an evaporator coil and air handler

During the winter, the furnace heats the heat exchanger. The blower takes the warm air through ductwork and into your household rooms. In the summer, the outdoor condenser unit uses copper tubing, also known as a line set, to send refrigerant from the condenser to the evaporator coils. The blower motor then releases cool air into the ductwork.

The split system gives you more flexibility in placement and ease of use with an indoor thermostat, giving your entire household uniform temperatures year-round. Also, the included UV lights and air purifiers kill bacteria and viruses and reduce air-borne irritants that would otherwise contribute to respiratory illnesses. 


Similar to the traditional split systems, mini-splits have separate indoor and outdoor compartments that allow refrigerant to pass from the exterior unit’s condenser coil to the interior unit’s evaporator coil. However, the mini-split system has multiple indoor units.

Unlike the central split system that uniformly heats and cools a structure, these types of HVAC systems control the air in smaller, confined areas, such as individual rooms or floors duct-free. While the extra equipment may cost more upfront to install or maintain, these systems prove more cost-effective in the long run since you’re saving energy by only heating and cooling the spaces you use.

Mini-split systems are also ideal for commercial spaces like hotels or offices, where you control the temperature setting in your separate space. You won’t have to worry about altering others’ comfort settings in other rooms. It’s also easier to add rooms to your controlled climate without incorporating expensive ductwork and cheaper to maintain your system without the added expenses of duct maintenance. For help determining if a mini-split system could work in your home, reach out to A Custom Services, the most reliable HVAC contractor in Niles, IL


Like the two systems above, hybrid split systems include two compartments to control your home’s temperatures year-round. While closely mirroring the ductwork and central heating and cooling aspect of traditional split systems, hybrid systems have one unique feature that makes them one of the most cost-effective types of HVAC systems: they run on both electricity and gas.

During the milder months, switch your system to use electricity, so the unit uses a quieter heat pump to transfer heat rather than produce it for smaller utility bills. For added heating power during intense months, switch back to gas. 


This type of HVAC unit differs from the others by saving space, making it ideal for small homes. Homeowners usually install these units in an attic or on an upper floor. The small unit contains all heating and cooling features, including the compressor, air handler, and condenser and evaporator coils, in one metal box rather than split into two.

These HVAC units use electricity to generate heat, which is very efficient and makes them cheap to run. However, packaged heating and air systems may not suit homes in cold climates because the heating power is not as strong as other systems’. Electric-powered heating may assist with mild weather, but it won’t stand up to near-freezing temperatures. They’re also easier to maintain but consist of ductwork with added maintenance requirements. 


Understanding which types of HVAC systems best fit your home or workplace extends your comfort through all seasons and helps you save money. In addition to helping you find your perfect fit, we’re here to answer any questions, whether you want to know the reasons why your AC is blowing mist or how to fix that or any other concern.

At A Custom Services, we’ve spent three decades specializing in all four types of HVAC units. Trust our fast services, certified technicians, and 100% money-back guarantee when you call 773-207-7551 for a free estimate in Niles, IL, today!

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