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Jay Mahlendorf
Jay Mahlendorf
Working with A Custom Services Inc, including the engineer Steve S. and Michael in their business office, was all positive and I will happily work with them again. They understood, made helpful recommendations, communicated proactively, and they followed through as they said they would. It was a stress free experience and good value for the work.
Wendy Campnell
Wendy Campnell
Steve went above and beyond answering my questions and explaining how things worked. I really appreciated his expertise and patience.
Bill Harris
Bill Harris
Alfredo and Tom replaced our furnace and did a Fantastic Job. They were professional, courteous and very informative. They were considerate of the delivery, prepping the area to keep it clean and worked efficiently and very quickly. Alfredo is a master HVAC professional and did a great job! Tom was fantastic on the installation as well as keeping my wife and I informed of the new aspects of the furnace and thermostat. Previous to the replacement Steve responded very quickly for the no heat call and was very professional to diagnose the problem and provide multiple solutions. Steve did an excellent job with the solution write up, planning for the hardware readiness and ensured that our project was completed the next day. Michael in the main office performed all the managerial interaction very well, answered all our questions and took care of the paperwork and invoicing in a very professional manner. Highest grades for this team and I will recommend them to all our friends.
Shauna Daou
Shauna Daou
A Custom Service was amazing throughout our experience with them. When I contacted them, Michael called me back promptly and helped me in scheduling an appointment. He also called a day before the appointment as a friendly reminder and to confirm that the appointment still worked for us. Alfredo was the technician who came to our house. He was on time and walked us through everything he was checking. He also answered all of our questions and even answered some questions my neighbor had about his system! He was very thorough, knowledgeable, and professional. After the service, Michael reached out again to make sure everything worked well. We used A Custom Service to do routine maintenance on our radiant heating system, and moving forward we will be using them to address all of our HVAC needs! Job well done.
Alvaro Santana
Alvaro Santana
Contacted A Custom Service to get some work done on my boiler. Response was quick, Michael was able to help me set an appointment up and was very attentive to our communications. Alfredo, our technician, was knowledgeable with boiler systems and was able to answer my questions. Found out that a circulation pump needed to be changed and he had the part in his truck so there was no delay in getting us up and running. A Custom Services will be our go to heating service from now on.
Brennan Williams
Brennan Williams
Great crew all around, owners, office, technicians. What I most appreciate is that everyone I dealt with was polite and professional. Secondly, they are trying to solve your HVAC issues, not charge you for things you don’t need. Highly recommend.
Natalie Rodriguez
Natalie Rodriguez
Always thorough and honest.
Tim Oryhon
Tim Oryhon
Michael was very responsive with initially setting up the service technician appointment. Alfredo was very helpful and a wealth of information. Our experience with everyone at A Custom was superb.


At A Custom Heating and Air Conditioning, we believe the heating system that is in your Chicago home is much more than a heating system…it is your environment. We install and maintain many types of heating systems for all of your residential needs. There are many ways to heat your home. This page will cover a few of the most common types of heating systems available.


Our Chicago based heating service specialists at A Custom Services are passionate about making your family feel comfortable with our quality residential heating systems. When your house is cold, it makes it difficult for you and your family to enjoy the atmosphere of your home. The older your furnace gets, the more it can create problems for you. With age, furnaces tend to become less efficient, and can eventually stop working when you need them the most.

Even if your furnace is still running, an old, inefficient system can cause your heating bills to get more costly over time. Not only can old furnaces be costly and inconvenient, but they can also cause health issues for your family. If you’ve noticed any of these issues in your home, contact our team to learn more about the professional heating services we offer in Chicago.


Annually, being a gas appliance with high consumption of fuel, it should be tested annually for gas leaks, carbon monoxide and performance as well as cleaning the motors, burners, heat exchangers and check all parts and functions.

The best time is mid August to mid November also February and March when we are typically slower and can avoid the winter and summer rush.

Industry standards for duct cleaning recommends cleaning your ducts every 5 years, depending on the home. If you have pets that shed then they need to be cleaned more often, 1-2 years.

It would be very difficult to clean your furnace yourself without proper training, equipment and expertise. Usually Chicago homeowners miss the crucial parts of the cleaning and tuning process.

Most home inspectors recommend every 14 years. Some land lords and homeowners who do no annual maintenance, or they don’t change filters monthly, we are seeing them needing a new furnace every 5-7 years (Changing filters monthly and having annual inspections are important).


In order to ensure that your furnace is in top condition, it is important to have it tested at least once a year. When you call us, our technicians will carefully inspect the mechanism for any carbon monoxide or gas leaks. Our furnace repair professionals in Chicago will also clean each part of the furnace, and check that the motors, heat exchanger, and burner are all working properly. The best time to have your furnace serviced is either in the fall, or in the February to March time frame, as these times are typically less busy for our team than the winter and summer months. 

A Custom Heating and Air Conditioning can help you save energy cost by installing a high efficiency heating system. All systems we sell are installed to factory specifications by highly trained, A Custom Heating and Air Conditioning technicians. Our service department is available to our clients 24/7. Our dedicated staff of technicians is trained to work on the systems we install and we stock the parts needed to keep your system running. A Custom Heating and Air Conditioning Installs and services all makes and models.


At A Custom Services, our Chicago based boiler installation technicians are skilled in providing expert maintenance services. Our team recommends installing a high-efficiency boiler in your home so that you can lower your heating costs by as much as 10 to 30 percent. Whether you have a steam boiler or cast iron boiler, we have the resources and experience necessary to get it back in working order in no time. 


A great alternative way to heat your home is radiant heating. Our heating services company in Chicago recommends this type of heating system because it is highly efficient and does not take up much space in your home. This type of heating system is installed directly into your walls, ceilings, and floors, and minimizes energy losses that typically occur in air ducts. 


Since heating and cooling systems tend to fail in extreme weather conditions, our furnace repair company offers preventative maintenance plans to ensure that your family will be prepared, no matter what happens. Maintaining the health of your heating and cooling systems can prevent you from having to get expensive repairs in the long run. We also offer 24 hour emergency services for your convenience.

If you need a professional heating repair contractor in Chicago, contact our team at A Custom Services today