6 Reasons Your AC System Keeps Tripping the Circuit Breaker

The circuit breakers in your air conditioner protect you from serious injury. When electrical surges occur, circuit breakers enable your AC system to shut down. This shutdown prevents fires or other severe outcomes of electrical issues. However, you may naturally feel frustrated that your AC breaker keeps tripping and you can’t figure out why.

Whenever you’re facing electrical issues in your home, it’s always best to consult a professional. The electrical equipment in your home can be extremely hazardous if mishandled. It can even cause a fire to spread in your home.

If your AC breaker keeps tripping, you should consider an air conditioning tune-up in Chicago from A Custom Services. It’s likely that repeated tripping will require a professional contractor.

However, you can still benefit from learning which component might be causing the problem. Keep reading to learn about the most common reasons for a tripped AC breaker.


Whenever you have a problem with your heating or air conditioning system, checking the air filters is an excellent place to start. These filters clean all the dust and pollen out of the air before it enters your home. The amount of air your filters clean each day is considerable, so it makes sense that the filters get dirty over time.

When dirt builds up on your system’s filters, it increases the overall air resistance. As a result, your AC unit has to work harder to force air into your home.

Usually, this problem only leads to higher energy costs. However, in extreme cases, this added resistance can strain your system. As a result, it will draw enough power to trip the breaker.

Fortunately, this issue is reasonably easy to solve. The air filters in most HVAC systems are relatively accessible and safe when the system is off. So, users will have little difficulty swapping them out themselves.

However, the experts at A Custom Services are always happy to replace the filters in your system. We will also check they are clean as part of every inspection.

Faulty Wiring

Faulty wiring could be why your AC breaker keeps tripping. The wires connected to your air conditioning system carry a significant amount of energy. So, you should have an AC contractor check your wires for sufficient insulation and functionality.

Unfortunately, no appliance is immune to wear and tear. As your air conditioning system ages, the wires within it may fray. If two exposed sections of these wires come into contact, it will cause the system to short-circuit and the breaker will trip.

Low Refrigerant

Adequate refrigerant levels are essential to a properly functioning air conditioner. Refrigerant is the substance that enables the unit to cool the air it draws in. Therefore, the system can struggle to operate when refrigerant levels are low.

As with dirty air filters, low levels of refrigerant can cause your system to consume more energy. This increased energy may eventually lead to a tripped breaker.

Capacitor Issues

An AC system’s capacitor will often cause a tripped breaker if faulty. The capacitor is the component that starts your system’s motor, a process that requires a significant jolt of energy. Because circuit breaker trips protect against energy surges, it’s easy to see why a malfunctioning capacitor could cause a tripped breaker.

When a capacitor fails, it can send too much energy to the system. At that point, the system will overload, causing the breaker to trip. If your AC breaker trips repeatedly when you attempt to turn the system on, a faulty capacitor may be to blame.

Capacitor replacement involves potentially dangerous electronic work, so you’ll need professional assistance. Fortunately, there’s no reason to worry. An experienced HVAC servicing company can easily replace your capacitor and fix the problem.

If you’re experiencing this problem in the Chicago area, turn to A Custom Services. We employ licensed contractors with years of experience who will handle your repairs quickly and affordably.

Compressor Issues

Your compressor also does a lot of work as it forces air throughout your system and into your home. Therefore, it also uses a lot of energy, drawing more electricity than any other component in most HVAC systems. So, when the compressor struggles to turn on, it can cause the breaker in your home to trip.

While some compressors need replacement to solve the problem, an experienced AC contractor may be able to provide a simpler, less costly repair. By installing a hard-start kit, a professional can give the compressor enough power to start consistently. This solution should eliminate the tripped breaker.

Problems with Condensers

Your HVAC system manages a lot of heat, so it’s vital to ensure that the system can vent this energy effectively. The condenser is the component that deposits the heat absorbed by the system outside the home. However, certain factors can cause your condenser to struggle to do its job.

Because this unit is on the exterior of your home, outside pollutants can easily clog them with dirt. If dust or debris coats the coils in your condenser, the device may struggle to rid your system of excess heat. This overworking can lead to the entire system overheating and causing a tripped breaker.


Now you know the most common reasons why your AC breaker keeps tripping. Contacting a professional is always the safest option when dealing with an electrical short in your home. While we know tripping breakers is an annoying issue, it’s never worth compromising your safety.

At A Custom Services, our expert technicians are happy to help Chicago area residents with all their heating and cooling needs. If your AC breaker keeps tripping and resetting the breaker doesn’t work, A Custom Services can help. Our team will conduct a thorough inspection to diagnose and repair the AC problem.

When you need AC repair services in Chicago, IL, you can always count on A Custom Services. Call today at 773-831-4891 to speak to a helpful representative and schedule your service.

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